Consolidate / Combine My Buys

Parcel Forwarding UK Consolidation

PARCEL CONSOLIDATION: Parcels from more than one website sent to you all-in-one package – saves on postage fees.

If you wish to buy items from multiple websites but don’t want to pay all the international postage fees for each then why not send them all-in-one package with MY UK BUYS package forwarding service ? This service works well when buying/bidding from eBay, so you can buy several items from various eBay sellers and have them forwarded to you by MY UK BUYS. When we receive all of your parcels we will combine the items into one package and parcel forward on to you.

Consolidate/Combine Service Fee 

consolidation parcel forwarding uk

=  £10.00 (up to 2kg)

With our service you can buy from as many shops as you wish and we will only charge you £10.00 to unwrap all items, re-pack into one package and forward to you (postage fees excluded, maximum weight 2kg).  Find out your package shipping costs by visiting the European postage fees or Worldwide postage fees section to view a detailed breakdown of the postage costs.