MY UK BUYS is one of the cheapest if not THE cheapest package forwarding and parcel forwarding service in the UK. 
Package Forwarding is a service we provide for people living outside the UK wishing to buy from online UK shops.

We forward items to all countries including Australia | USA | Canada | Japan | Hong Kong | Spain | Italy | France | Finland | Germany | Malaysia | Singapore etc. Many online UK shops do not ship overseas or only ship to certain countries so package forwarding is a great solution to buy UK items. If you would like to find out more about MY UK BUYS please scroll down to view a step-by-step process or visit the About page or FAQ page. 



Email (with items you wish to buy) FOR UK FORWARDING ADDRESS

  Email for Free UK address

(please include URL links to the items you wish to buy)



buy for you-parcel forwarding uk
  You buy the items with Free UK address


parcel delivery service

MY UK BUYS receives your parcel

& sends you a PayPal bill via email

for the shipping costs.


parcel delivery to uk forwarding address

Your parcel is forwarded to you




Service Charge

£5 per parcel

PayPal Verified Parcel Forwarding____________________________________________

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How It Works

We simply give you a UK address to have your package delivered to and then forward it on to your overseas location. Not only are we one of the cheapest package forwarders but we also work fast and process your package quickly. Once payment has been made, MY UK BUYS will forward your package onto you the next working day. Email 24/7 with your delivery country and URL links to items for a prompt response.

 Parcel forwarding delivery

Our website offers a warm and welcoming approach and we pride ourselves in providing forwarding service information in a sociable manner where customers can get in touch with us and receive personalised help and assistance at a fraction of the price. We hope you like our unorthodox way of working and you enjoy your experience with us, so far our customers have been delighted and we have received many 5 STAR reviews on our Facebook page and at our online Reviews page.

Everything you need to know about UK parcel forwarding

MY UK BUYS ships anywhere in the world our national postal service ships to …which is practically everywhere ! We mainly use courier shipping services because we like our customers receiving their parcels as quickly as possible with comprehensive regular tracking updates and since our courier shipping prices are so affordable we are sure you’ll be happy to opt for them too.

UK Parcel Forwarding is a service we offer to people who do not have an address in the UK but wish to buy from the UK. MY UK BUYS provides a UK address so you can have your UK bought items delivered to us and then we can forward it on to your address in the country you reside in.

Some UK retailers only offer their items to UK residents and do not ship internationally, other UK retailers do ship internationally but have restrictions and only ship to certain countries so you may find yourself requiring UK parcel forwarding services in order to receive certain UK items and we are here to assist you along the way !

Many UK retailers accept a non-UK billing address as payment so all you have to do is enter the UK shipping address we provide you with at checkout and the retailer will send your parcel to MY UK BUYS for forwarding to you.

Once your parcel is received by MY UK BUYS for forwarding, we’ll process it by opening to assess if your items are suitably packed for international transit and if not we shall ensure to rectify this by adding extra packaging, removing unnecessary packaging, placing your items in a new shipping box altogether before weighing and measuring your parcel to determine it’s international shipping cost.

We understand some items are sent by UK retailers in unnecessarily large shipping boxes with little or no cushioning around the items inside so we will work hard to find the correct shipping box size for your items once we receive it and ensure they are suitably cushioned for international forwarding.