UK - Worldwide Parcel ForwardingWhat is Package Forwarding ?

Many UK retailers do not ship to overseas addresses so in order for you to get your hands on UK buys we supply a UK address,  the items are then delivered to MY UK BUYS and are then forwarded on to you for a small fee of £5 per parcel.

We forward regularly to various countries including Australia, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, Finland & Spain.

What is a Custom Purchase ?

UK Parcel Forwarding Shopping bagsMany UK retailers are unable to accept non-UK credit cards so MY UK BUYS make the purchase on your behalf and send the items to you for a small fee.

How It Works…

1. You see something online you wish to buy from a UK website

2. You contact MY UK BUYS for a UK address then purchase the item(s) using this address and send us the email confirmation.


2. Contact MY UK BUYS to make the purchase(s) on your behalf.

3. We send you a PayPal invoice via email and purchase the order for you.

4.  Your order is delivered to MY UK BUYS and forwarded to you.

Parcel forwarding deliveryIT’S THAT SIMPLE !

Please Note – Paypal invoices are used as the form of payment, although a PayPal account is not required.