UK Forwarding Address

letter box parcel forwarding ukThere is nothing more frustrating than when you find something you want to buy online and click the ‘Checkout’ button, you enter all your details and then realise the website only delivers to a UK address. It’s something you really want so you Google parcel forwarding UK


Parcel Forwarding UK shopping tagand you come across MYUKBUYS.COM.

Well you’ve come to the right place ! MY UK BUYS started off forwarding packages to friends and family in Australia a few years ago who couldn’t get the same high fashion they were used to back in the UK,  MY UK BUYS was set-up as a package forwarding website so that other people could benefit from these services and now it has grown to forwarding packages daily to people all around the world. Post box UK Parcel Forwarding

Getting my UK address

To speed up the process and receive a UK address response there is certain information you should include when contacting via the contact form or directly at

STEP 1 – Delivering country i.e. Spain, Indonesia, Australia.

STEP 2 – URL Internet link* to the item(s) you wish to purchase, this is compulsory so I can check I am able to send/forward the item(s) internationally.

STEP 3 – What service you require i.e. package forwarding or custom purchase (I BUY FOR YOU).

*A URL link is the code found at the top of your browser page e.g. This is a link to ASOS clothing website –


Royal Mail Parcel Forwarding UK

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